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5th July 2007

caroline_blind2:05pm: San Diego
Looks like I am coming down to San Diego from Aug 3-5, anyone here point me towards places to stay or fun things to do?
Chance I'll have the kids with me, so the zoo or sea world would be good, anyone know how to get the coupons or discounts?

12th October 2006

caroline_blind6:43pm: Dear Friends.
It strikes me that there should be a "Best of" Sunshine Blind CD someday.
I know what songs I would want on there, but it's really for you, so, if you could, please list, in order of importance, the songs you would most love to own on a "best of sunshine blind" CD.

Your input is appreciated.
Here are the songs:

Surrounded By Sage
Shy Anne
Snake Charmer
I Carry You
As Above, So Below
Hanging Lake
Land's End
You Went Away
Rupa Strum

Is There?
Crescent and the Star
Burned at the Stake
Here and After
Coming down
Crescent & Star (Remix)
Delicate Thing
Emotional Sky

This Longing
I Ran (cover)
Bush Almost a Tree
Rain Spirit

Cold from fever

22nd March 2006

earthlog10:53am: I Carry You
Good hello,

I finally bought Sunshine Blind's last album, "I Carry You." I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is so gorgeous!!

I know it has been a while but I was poor and just enjoying the mp3s from their web site for years.

So, what is the status of Fear Makes Perfect?

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17th February 2006

caroline_blind12:00am: SISTERS OF MERCY TO PAY!!!
Fighting the good fight, I just got a text from purple_b in Las Vegas FROM the Sisters of Mercy show, saying he saw people with Sunshine Blind t-shirts on.
If you are too new or too young to remember, might I direct your attention to exhibit "A":

"The Sisters of Mercy announced what was to be their first showdate in the U.S. in over six years: Dark Harvest in Philedelphia, June, 1997.

Since the Sisters of Mercy (SoM) had long been considered as one of the ultimate Gothic or Darkwave bands of all time, this announcement was greeted with great excitement in gothic circles.

Unfortunately, some of the actions taken by the SoM's principal and lead singer, Andrew Eldritch, have left the taste of bitter ashes in our mouths.

After booking a number of other darksomely-inclined bands to open for SoM, Eldritch suddenly and precipitously yanked the carpet from under their feet by announcing that they would not be allowed to play the concert. Sunshine Blind and the New Creatures were exed off the itenerary. He claimed that after visiting their websites, they were "too goth". When MTV News reported on on June 26th, 1997, Kurt Loder commented that having Eldritch say you were "too" goth would be like having Lou Reed say you were "too sarcastic". "

click for mtv's report:
Last time the sisters played San Francisco, their tour bus mysteriously ended up being plastered with Sunshine Blind stickers.
It's all in good fun. Just as his intentions were....
Thank you, my sunny delights!!!!

Current Mood: Avenged!

12th April 2005

caroline_blind1:19pm: Hey there, crimestoppers.
I will be 'round Phil/ NJ / NYC somewhere between Aug 13 and Aug 21, and I'll be looking for fun stuff to do. Even if it's just hanging out at a party or something.


9th April 2005

socialmasochist11:23pm: Goodies on eBay

I'm not saying any of these sellers are trustworthy, but this is what's up right now:

Love the Sky to Death:

Death for Life:

Energy Records:
[I still need this one...]

10th August 2004

caroline_blind10:19pm: Thursday. Show. Come to me....
This thursday is our show at the DNA Lounge in San Francsico.
This should be our last show until October 21, when we return to the DNA to open for KINGS X....

Here are the details for Thursday:

Thurs. Aug 12,
FEAR MAKES PERFECT (featuring members of Sunshine Blind)
PLASTINATION (featuring the stunning T.Bias of 5000 Fingers) and
THE BRIDES (From New York)

LIVE at the DNA Lounge, 375 Eleventh St.
San Francisco, CA
www.dnalounge.com (check this link for the live webcast! You need realplayer software, otherwise you can just get stills every thirty seconds...)

21 + with ID, doors at 8pm, first band on at 9pm
$10 at the door, or write to me now, and I'll put you on the guestlist.

Hope to see you.
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10th July 2004

caroline_blind7:48pm: Please buy a chocolate bar....it's for a good cause!
We are furiously booking shows over the next month or so, and here is the first confirmed date:

Wed. July 21 (yes, just a WEEK and a HALF from TODAY....)
At SLIMS (woohoo!)
333 Eleventh St. S.F.
8pm to midnight

We will be on at 9:45pm, and playing with other bands SOLID STATE LOGIC (who also have tracks produced by Sylvia Massy Shivy....they are a modern rock type outfit....) and the headliners WHITESTARR who feature (get this:)

"the son of Gregg Allman (and Cher? I have no idea), the son of Roy Orbison, the son of Bruce Jenner (?!?!) and the son 'of the guy who owns the Roxy nightclub in LA'" .....so basically, they should have been called "Sons of famous guys" or something. I don't really know what they sound like, but judging from the pics, it's some just ROCK type band....

Anyway, this a VERY SWANK (read: skeezy) Schmoozy type LA industry par-TAY, so we really need your bodies to come to Slims and watch us play...the show is ALL AGES.

THE ONLY way to get in, is as our personal guests, so you have get tickets from us, IN ADVANCE......actually, I'm not sure if they will be selling any at the door, but if they do, it will be $20, so to get them CHEAP, get them from anyone in my band (or the bicycle shop, VISION SF, 772 Stanyan St. S.F.) The tickets run us about $10, but we'll sell ya two for one or whatever donation you got to give to support us in our folly. We just wanna have a good time.

So remember, we are FEAR MAKES PERFECT, featuring members of Sunshine Blind, Tree O' Frogs, Vaportrail, H-Lab, Atomic Circus, Taikonaut, and Ash Wednesday. And we will, we will, rock you. Oh yes.

Ahem. I have spoken. Please get tickets from us in advance, free or paid, we'd love to see you....
I am at motherofskye@hotmail.com

Thank you for your support.
Current Mood: chipper

1st July 2004

caroline_blind10:50pm: Rolling Stones....gather no moss....
Fear Makes Perfect (Featuring former members of Sunshine Blind, H-Lab, Tree o Frogs etc.) will be playing a couple songs LIVE in the radio station studios at KALX, Berkeley 90.7 FM on ****Monday, July 19th**** between 3pm and 5:30pm (Pacific time) on the Mon Amie show. You can call in now or then to KALX at (510)642-KALX. I'm not sure if they do internet radio webcasting.....Hmm. Hopefully we'll have a show booked soon to plug while we are on there....should have....
for more info on this exciting new project, best described as "A classic rock feel with a punk rock sound" please direct your attention to www.fearmakesperfect.com , OR to my personal live journal- my user name being "caroline_blind".
"Thank you for your support!"
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12th May 2004

dvncy4:46pm: My bad
If the lyrics are already somewhere on this journal I apologize but I was wondering if anyone had the lyrics to H4Y.. I think they're brilliant and wanted to quote them with something I'm writing.. :)..

29th March 2004

caroline_blind9:29am: Fear Makes Perfect
Well, far from perfect were we, but there was Fear, and there was fun.
I can't thank those that came out to see us enough...Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If you missed this show (and I know some of you in the room thought you were in the wrong place,) you missed a turning point in the evolution of our sound. Quite literally.

No, we did not do one Sunshine Blind song (who?) that you've ever heard...What you heard/saw/experienced was our side project!! Tentatively named "Fear Makes Perfect".

I just didn't want to tell the booking agent that we probably wouldn't be the most complimentary opener for Gene Loves Jezebel anymore...but I did want to debut this band and music, so there you have it.

Highlights of the show included me remembering all the words to the Neil Young and Pat Benatar cover songs (Keep on Rockin' in the Free World and Heartbreaker), a long psychedelic rock jam that included some Jimmy Hendrix type antics by lead guitarist (we just call him "Rockstar", so should you), where he got down on his knees and slowly sawed his guitar face down on the metal lip of the stage, (and it actually SOUNDED awesome!!)and the look on Gene Love's Jezebel faces when they realized they had to follow US...

Heh heh heh. I like to shake things up. That's what I like to do.


24th March 2004

caroline_blind1:32pm: THIS SUNDAY
Don't forget our show THIS SUNDAY, CAFE DU NORD, www.cafedunord.com
Please come, we need your body!

27th February 2004

caroline_blind4:16pm: New San Francisco Show Announced:
Greetings all, and a big invitation to a very special show:
Sunshine Blind will be playing the Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco (2170 Market St. between Church and Sanchez st.'s- www.cafedunord.com ) on
SUNDAY, MARCH 28th. We will be ON STAGE at 8pm (Early!) Tickets are $10, available now on the Cafe Du Nord website, but will be available at the door as well...21 and over with ID.

Also on the bill, we are once again playing with GENE LOVES JEZEBEL, and that would be the Michael Aston version, for those of you who care.

The special part of the show for us will the debut of some new tunes we've been working on and will be recording soon with a multi-platinum producer...

They are a bit of a new sound, more rootsy for us (read: More Guitar Rock than GOD), featuring a band member on lead guitar, and oh boy, you need to watch Caroline Bust out the Janis Joplin meets Bon Scott vocals on those new ones. Can you say "The Cult- Electric?"

Finally, we really need the support as far as bodies in the building, as this being our first show at the Cafe, they will be looking at our attendance numbers to see if they want to ask us back...

The place is an underground speakeasy, plush antique chairs, lamps with red velvet shades and tassels, the whole comfy bit. AND they have a first class kitchen that serves some AMAZING food- good as any fancy restaurant in the city- so come early and eat dinner and have some drinks before show time!

Hope to see you there, it's gonna be fun as hell...
Current Mood: excited

20th January 2004

paracelsus_zero12:11pm: Its a Delicate Thing
Hello there everyone

I am a long time fan of Sunshine Blind from the uk, (cries at not having chance to go to America to see them live) and I have a curiosity that has bothered me for a year now, To make a list of every SSB song ever I listened to and typed up all the lyrics (with help from the sleeves), the only glaring omission is "Delicate Thing" from Love the Sky to Death, I cannot for the life of me work out the lyrics.
I would be honored for any suggestions to rectify my dilemma
And one other curiosity, in "Lands End" during the verse there are other lyrics at the same time, but completely different words, any ideas anyone?

Current Mood: curious

23rd December 2003

caroline_blind3:28pm: Wow, got alot of e-mail from folks coming to see us on the east coast (Jersey and NYC, see dates below). Look forward to seeing you all, leaving tomorrow...Happy Holidays everyone. Good luck and prosperity to all in the New Year, if I don't see you before then.
Current Mood: good

13th December 2003

caroline_blind7:46pm: Confirmed
Wed. Dec 17, Studo Z, San Francisco with UNWOMAN and Dark Secret Love.

Friday, Dec 19 at 19 Broadway, with GENE LOVES JEZEBEL

Saturday, Dec 27th at Connections, in Clifton NJ (where it all began....!)

and Monday, Dec 29th at CBGB's LOUNGE New Yawk City.

Looking for band/s to lend us drums and amps for the CB's Gig, and possibly to be on the bill... drop us a line ASAP!
See ya soon!
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8th December 2003

salyx11:50pm: A little poll maybe to get some discussion going!

Poll #217434 LTSTD

What are your favorite songs on "Love the Sky to Death"?

is there
crescent and the star
francis/pepperland laid waste
burned at the stake
here and after
coming down
delicate thing
emotional sky

6th December 2003

caroline_blind7:29pm: Coming home for the holdiays! I have sent a confirm to Althea, we will be playing CBGB's Gallery on Monday Dec 29th.
RAWK! Can't wait. I hear there is a blizzard today there, hope we don't get snowed out....
Current Mood: bouncy

5th December 2003

caroline_blind2:30pm: SHOWS gallore
Greetings everyone,
Just a note to say, "Please, please, please" come to our shows coming up:

Wed, Dec 17, Studio Z in San Francisco, CA (11:30pm)
Friday Dec 19, 19 Broadway in Fairfax/ Marin, CA (opening for Gene Loves Jezebel)

and EAST COAST DATE: We are gonna be back east for the holidays, so I've been talking to CBGB's Gallery, in New York, we will be playing there, either Mon Dec 29 or New Years Eve. I'm leaning towards Mon Dec 29th, probably, let me know if you New Yawkers have a preference.....or if you live within 500 miles and want to book us x-mas weekend...speak now!
Current Mood: cheerful

25th November 2003

rzr_grl5:33pm: pixx with the Fixx
Hey, all. DNA Lounge photographer here, thought I'd let you know that the photos are up from the 23 November show with the Fixx.


26th October 2003

aman0jyaku5:34pm: Were my recent replies here deleted without explanation? I hope not... I'm not a fan of cliquishness.
caroline_blind10:00am: Everyone dies, but not everyone really lives..
So, not to bring everyone down right away, but my Mother has just been diagnosed with ALS or, Lou Gehrig's disease.
Apparently, this is a sclerosis of the part of your brain that controls motor skills, and you lose all motor skills steadily with no plateaus and no remission, until you lose the ability to breathe and die, usually within 3-5 years.
I could use some words of support and advice here.
Current Mood: distressed
caroline_blind9:58am: Coming out.
Hey all, I've been lurking here quite a while under another name, but as now is a transitional time, I thought I would put my voice out there.
Current Mood: blank

25th October 2003

minusbat10:30pm: Some bits of history...
Just browsing the web and found a couple of pages of S/B gigs
from London from a number of years ago, which people might be
vaguely interested in...


I could have sworn there was a third one I remember going to at The
Underworld - but then I was rather drunk through most of the late 90's
so maybe I imagined it...

14th October 2003

mark271:00pm: count me out
hey everybody,

It has been decided that Sunshine Blind and I have grown apart.

I'm proud of the work I have done with them over the years and the shows I've played.

You can always find me fronting my band, Dead Language, so don't be a stranger. My second record is due out in a few months followed by a tour with the new band.

I love all of you.
Current Mood: sad
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